Meet BO R.

Living the American dream?! Hell yeah, Bo Roobol decided to do so in 2013. No wonder she mentions not to be pushed by problems, but let by your dreams.. Bo moved all the way from Amsterdam to NYC with her boyfriend (nowadays a.k.a. husband).

Some of you might know Bo from her blog:, others probably know her for her stunning (believe us, stunning is just and understatement) photo’s in Instagram.. Oh and the rest, of you might know her because of her boyfriend… No no, not talking about her husband peepz; we are talking about that cute, curly, little, fuzzball; BLUE the doodle! Bo has an amazing feeling for fashion and creating content. She is always looking for new places to go and figuring out (your soon to be) favorite fashion hot-spots. Besides her fashion-radar, this girl has many life-hacks for you if we are talking about beauty as well. Guess you got curious, right?! Go check out her gram and follow her journey! And of course, we’ll get you updated on the journal as well ;)!

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