B Academy and Lizzy Perridon

Oke, let's talk about fashion here...

Lizzy Perridon travelled to B Academy this week to provide their students with a guest lecture about how she started her blog, what she is going to do during her upcoming fashion journey and why she is so driven to grow into this creative digital world.

B Academy was founded by Anouck Goudsmit, who is well known in the fashion industry because of her earlier experience as a stylist. Besides her history in fashion, some of you might know Anouck also from her amazin jewelery brand: ByNouck. B Academy in a creative school that gives education courses about fashion, beauty and hairstyling. They offer a proffesional program which is a combination of theoratic and practical lessons. With their knowledge they teach you to englarge your creative sides and provide you with all ins and outs in the fashion industry.

Find out more about the academy here: B Academy