Lizzy goes LA, find out her hotspots!

Lately, our babe Lizzy Perridon has been travelling to The States with her friend and coffee lover Eva Akkerhuis!

 They travelled around in LA for a couple of weeks to find you the best hotspots and also show you some amazing new outfits!

Lizzy and Eva stayed in the Beverly Terrace Hotel for a couple of days. Below here is a list of some of the hotspots they visited during their stay in LA!

- Backyard Bowls (amazing acaï bowls / breakkie)
- Urth Cafe (some good smooties and breakkie)
- Cheeky's Palm Springs (hell of a good lunch)
- Nobu Malibu (view + amazing sushi; good for lunch and diner)
- Alfred Coffee Beverly Hills (some amazing nitro cold brew + normal coffee)
- Zinque (for lunch and diner, a good burger or just an amazing sandwich)