We have been travelling places and it is always hard to find a spot with good beds, a nice view and even more important on a super central location...

This time we found ourselves one of the best hotels in town:

Hotel on Rivington! And as the name already shows: located on Rivington Street in the middle of SOHO.

The hotel provided us with a room on the 15th floor, with an amazing panoramic view over SOHO (and an upgrade to a kingsize bed, which we definitley needed with our jetlag)!

Some plus points on the Rivington hotel:

- located in the middle of SOHO
- Amazing city view
- Close to the sub.
- Walking distance from central SOHO and China Town
(- home made cookies, freshly baked every evening)

Cool spots in the area to go:

- The Ludlow (for amazing coffee and delicious muffins)
- Dirty French (super cool spot and not Dirty at all)
- Serafina (only the one near the hotel, their pasta's are more than great)
- Cha Cha Matcha (a little overhyped, but their Matcha Latte, Soy cappu's and amazing pink identity are worth the go)

Check out the hotel here: Hotel on Rivington