TREND ALERT: Mountain climbers FW18-19

Ok. So, we had clogs, we had moonboots, we had UGGS and now, we have...

Press event Goldbergh 07-06-2018 George Marina

Let's get spicy out there...

B Academy and Lizzy Perridon

Oke, let's talk about fashion here...

Lizzy goes LA, find out her hotspots!

Lately, our babe Lizzy Perridon has been travelling to The States with her friend and coffee lover Eva Akkerhuis!

Bo Roobol has a little update!



We have been travelling places and it is always hard to find a spot with good beds, a nice view and even more important on a super central location...

This time we found ourselves one of the best hotels in town:

Upcoming: NYFW 2018

NYFW is just around the corner! And guess who will be back again?! Exactly; the team of VDF! Bo Roobol and Lizzy Perridon will attend the Fashion Weeks in New York from 8th till 16th of February.

Who’s that ALIX kind of girl?!

Lizzy Perridon: “Starting my own brand...!”. So many of you have been sending over interviews and questionnaire about our girl Lizzy Perridon… So she decided to give a little follow-up to this!

Move over ’17, oh but first; VEGAS BABY!

Dreaming of a white Christmas?! Sounds good. Dreaming of a VEGAS Christmas?! Sounds like a JES, LET’S GO GO GO!

NIKKIE goes Disney X Lizzy Perridon

We all know; Disneyland Paris is the ultimate place to be during the holiday season… Especially when you go there to attend the fashion show of NIKKIE and have an eye on their amazing FW18 collection.

Meet BO R.

Living the American dream?! Hell yeah, Bo Roobol decided to do so in 2013. No wonder she mentions not to be pushed by problems, but let by your dreams.. Bo moved all the way from Amsterdam to NYC with her boyfriend (nowadays a.k.a. husband).


Ok. Ok. You said you where looking for some style-inspo? Stop searching; just go check-out our favorite IT-girl Lizzy Perridon. Lizzy Started her blog journey about 1,5 year ago during a friends trip to Paris.

MAYDAY: VDF is online!

Jeej jeej, it took us a while to get our page online… But, all good things take time, so here we are!