Meet Khaoula El Boumeshouli a.k.a. Khaoulathings a.k.a. your fashion guide!

Meet Khaoula El Boumeshouli! Khaoula is an amazing and talented beauty with a vision and ambition for fashion in life. This driven spirit started her fashion journey at a young age and took over her life by the years (good for us ;)). With her Moroccan roots she always found ways to combine her statement Hijab with some cool and amazing outfits that were not standard. Combining two worlds in one; a western street look focused on the newest trends with her iconic modest style. We feel like Khaoula is the new generation of power women boxing her own way to a new world in which people who work hard, no matter man or woman, can achieve what they want. Based in Amsterdam, but traveling the world with a tremendous craving to new cultures and art of fashion. This girl doesn’t just wear your designs, she creates a story out of it!

Khaoula has 144K followers on her gram and an ER of 12%!