Meet Iris Nijboer

Ok, so you thought you knew colorful and creative fashion addicts… And then you meet Iris Nijboer a.k.a. Iris Amberr, one of the coolest it-girls in town, and start noticing more colors than you even know to excist!
We can’t stop staring at her feed as it makes us so happy and motivated! Iris started het blog 2 years ago next to her study in fashion business. This cool girl is not your average city girl, with her roots in The Hague! Iris is a master in travelling and combining all her trips with fun and friends. What she is famous for?! Definitely the hairdo and her amazing eye for cool shirts!

Not only is she an amazing fashion addict, she has an amazing, sweet and powerful personality as well. She’s and her sidekick flufball bud take you with them in her weekly vlog, where she shows part of her life and part of her fashion journey! As everybody falls in love with her feed and sweet human being, her engagement is 12,5%. Iris has 70.6K followers at the moment, but we don’t doubt this to be 100K soon, very soon!

Check out her Instagram account and her YouTube account by pressing the icons below here, and don’t forget to hit the follow and like button, because you do not want to miss out on this girl!