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We are storytellers, we believe in the influencers we work with and the brands we work with and we make sure we will suit your expectations due to our personal touch in every collab!

So, here is our story...

VDF Management is a Dutch based Influencer/blogger agency operating on an international base. We represent carefully selected influencers with committed followers and readers.

We help our influencers developing their channels and optimize their selves as a personal brand. VDF influencers cover several social media channels such as: Blog, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook. We are specialized in categories as fashion, lifestyle and beauty.

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New York Fashion Week SS17
TREND ALERT: Mountain climbers FW18-19

Ok. So, we had clogs, we had moonboots, we had UGGS and now, we have...

Press event Goldbergh 07-06-2018 George Marina

Let's get spicy out there...

B Academy and Lizzy Perridon

Oke, let's talk about fashion here...